Intresting Stuff : Turn your local desktop to a webserver

Lets try some cool networking stuff. How about establishing a private hosting server on your local machine. In this post, we will be discussing about how to make your localhost accessible from public network. That is pretty much like having your own web server. Generally the basic requirements for establishing web servers are very high speed computer with very good internet connection (high uplink) and a static IP address. However none of these mentioned requirements can prevent you from establishing a temporary webserver. You can get one right on your desktop.

Code recipe : Download Manager (Python Version)

Recently I had published my blog post Building a Download Manager(in JAVA). And I am presenting the python implementation of download manager. The whole concept is same except the language of implementation. You can check the older JAVA implementation here.
Python has nice libraries urllib and urllib2 we can use for our purpose. urllib2 provides nice feature of request header modification. Here's my recipe python version.

Interesting Stuff : Sleep sort

A new sorting algorithm, don't know who invented it but it works well atleast for positive integers. You can follow the link for original version of the article on web . The algorithm is simple. For sorting a list of positive numbers, simply create a thread for each one of them and then set out the thread for sleep some constant times the number assigned to it. And finally print out the numbers as threads wakes up from the sleep.

Code recipe : Build a Download Manager

Ok lets begin the blog with something interesting to build, a download manager that boosts up the download speed.

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This blog shall be the reminder of possibly the last longest vacation I ever gonna get. I guess, I shall never have this long vacation(50 days) afterwards. This blog is primarily targeted to spent my vacation. However, you might find some of programming stuffs scattered around.